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Frequently Asked Questions


• Who is Aspiegel?

Aspiegel SE is the service provider behind Huawei Mobile Services. It's responsible for all European business and consumer operations relating to Huawei Mobile Services, a range of apps and services that includes AppGallery, Themes, Mobile Cloud, Browser, Assistant, Petal Search, Petal Maps, Music, Video, Books and Member Center.

Aspiegel SE was founded in 2015 and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

• What does Aspiegel offer?

Aspiegel offers a comprehensive range of digital products, from productivity to entertainment apps, available for Huawei and Honor devices all across Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

You can check all our apps and services here.

• Aspiegel recently changed from Limited Liability Company to an SE. What does this mean for HUAWEI ID customers and partners?

There will be no change to our existing terms of service for customers or commercial contracts with our partners. Our goal is to enhance our local service to customers and open up new opportunities to work with European partners and content providers.

Account & Billing

• What payment methods can be used to purchase paid apps in AppGallery?

Paid apps support payment through Huawei In-App Purchases. When using our IAP system, payment can be made using:

- Bank cards

-Mobile payment

-HUAWEI Points

-Or Paypal*

*Paypal is available in most European countries

• How will Huawei Mobile Services charges appear on my bill?

Aspiegel SE is the service provider behind Huawei Mobile Services: AppGallery, Themes, Mobile Cloud, Browser, Assistant, Petal Search, Petal Maps, Music, Video, Books and Member Center.

Charges appear on your statement with Aspiegel's name and usually show up on your statement within a few days of your order's placement.

• Can I get a refund for my purchase?

Aspiegel may give refunds for some Huawei Mobile Services purchases, depending on the refund policies. All cases are reviewed individually.

If you wish to request for a refund, please contact us here.

• How can I cancel my subscription?

From a Huawei Device:

In order to cancel a subscription via Account Center: go to Settings > Account center > Payment and purchases > Subscriptions > Touch the app you wish to stop the auto-renewal, and touch “Cancel Subscription”.

You can also cancel your subscription via AppGallery or within a specific app.

From desktop:

First login here. Click on Payment & Purchases. You will be then redirected to the “IN-IAP

Purchases” page > click on “Subscription/Password–free". You will be able to see all your subscriptions. To unsubscribe, click on “Remove” to cancel the respective subscription. When you click "Remove", the subscription will disappear from your account and this will mean that it was successfully cancelled.

• How can I view my subscriptions of in-app purchases?

Go to Settings > Account center > Payment and purchases > Subscriptions to view the automatic renewal services you have purchased in Huawei apps.

• Where can I view more details on my HUAWEI ID account and manage my preferences?

You can go to web portal or settings section on your phone to login to your HUAWEI ID account and view all your current subscriptions and preferences.


• How can businesses benefit from Aspiegel's solutions?

Aspiegel offers a platform ecosystem that integrates various services and resources for partners. As a partner, you can access the services (fully open hardware and software capability) provided by Aspiegel for developing, testing, distributing, and finally monetizing your app and content. Aimed at providing quality experiences for end users, Aspiegel looks forward to achieving mutually beneficial success with all partners. We also offer support to developers and partners with more than 150 Developer Technical Support engineers in Europe.

• How can I become a partner?

HUAWEI Developer accounts are used for accessing all Aspiegel services, enabling a simple and secure sign-up and sign-in.

If you do not have a HUAWEI Developer account, register here.

If you already have a HUAWEI Developer account, you can click here to sign in.

• How can I get in touch with Aspiegel?

You can reach us at We will get back to you as soon as possible.