We respect and protect your privacy

Your privacy matters to you and us. You trust us with your data and we are committed to living up to your trust by having your privacy as one of our highest priorities in everything we do - every day.

These principles lead our privacy work


We are clear and open about how we collect, use and process your data. We give you meaningful choises regarding your privacy and empower you to be in control.


We use advanced and risk-based security measures and technology to protect your personal data. We continuously monitor threats and assess risks to proactively improve safeguarding your data.

Legal Compliance

We strictly comply with the applicable laws, are accountable for living up to these privacy principles and work hard to meet your expectations that may go even beyond the legal requirements.

User Benefit

We strive to provide you connected digital life where everything works seamlessly and data collected by us gives you better user experience, more relevant services and other benefits.

Privacy by Design

Protecting your privacy is at the core of our business and we design privacy into our products, services and processes from the very start.


Privacy Statements

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